MultiYahoo! is a small tool that allows you to open multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger. Now you can open as much windows / instances of Yahoo! Messengers as you want. Works with all Yahoo! Messenger versions. Log into Yahoo Messenger multiple accounts using single PC. This multiple messenger patch is useful for users with separate accounts for office and home. Tool is guaranteed spyware free.

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by on November 22nd, 2009


Sometimes when you burn data onto a DVD+R it says:

Warning You are about to burn a multisession DVD disc. Burn multisession anyway? If you click this button, you can add data to this disc. However the second session and above might not be readable on some DVD-ROM devices or DVD players…
Burn multisession anyway
Burn withoutmultisession

Some users get confused with Multisession disc write. many choose Burn Multisession anyways. Wanna know which one should you choice or what is the difference in these anyways? Here is the explanation for these choices.

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This is not a hidden truth. Many many users might have been using multi-gtalk by now. People who like to chat a lot can definitely make use of this software. Sometimes in office place you need to log into your personal messenger or sometimes at home you need to get in touch with your colleagues and you need more then one clients of the same messenger.

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