Max Modeling Tutorials

Some very good 3dsmax tutorials about modeling. We will learn how to create 3d icons, iron man’s head, water glass, coffee cup, tire, fluorescent bulb, snail, human head, chain, necklace, magical crystal ball and sony ericsson mobile set.

Modeling Human Head in 3D Max

Human head is one of the most difficult subjects to model believably. The structure and form of a human face is so familiar to everyone that even a small fault in the 3D model is easy to notice. This tutorial covers the 3D modeling of a human head in 3D Studio MAX using polygons.


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Have some cool concepts of 3D objects models for Studio Max. I have collected a short list of 3D objects which attracted me most. The thumbs will lead you to the original source where you can download these images in High Quality.

3D Music Buddy


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