Internet Speeds

There may be times when you have finished developing a great website and then you want its quality to be checked. Browsers compatibility test is not sufficient. There are so many other aspects with which you will find your website needs to be compared and checked. Let’s say today’s internet user is in a hurry and he wants information very quickly and easily. He glances at so many opened tabs containing different websites in short time. The website which loads fast will catch his attention first and if you have done a real quality work, he will stuck there of course browsing and exploring your website. So what is the catch? The speed. You have to make your website fast and light for your visitors. To check the website performance at different internet speeds, you should have more then two internet connections including good one and slow one. Well! Nop. Just have these two tools designed for Firefox and Internet explorer and you can set the internet speed limit. Major possible uses of these software are as following:

  • By Webmasters – to monitor real page weights, page load times at different connections speeds, etc.
  • By small offices with simple network configuration/router – to limit/prevent shared internet connection bandwidth hogging by some individuals
  • Even for boosting internet speed for same internet connection

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