by on September 14th, 2011


We previously posted Windows 8 screenshots. Now finally wait is over and you can download windows 8 for free. Before you use Windows 8, here are exclusive confirmed looks of various sections of Windows 8. Above is the home screen of windows 8.

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Internet Explorer is the most widely used internet browser even today when Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are catching up fast. The reason behind this suggests that the ordinary internet user is stupid. They are happy with the internet explorer which comes with the Windows and do not bother to download another browser. I being a developer have to use all browsers which are out there. If you are not one of those stupids, and you have installed other browsers as well or prefer FireFox or Opera and your PC is also used by other people (friends/family) and you want that nobody would use internet explorer then you can password protect the Internet Explorer.

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private-browsingFirefox 3.1 and IE8 are bringing private browsing feature. It is present in Google Chrome as Incognito mode. So what’s that private browsing all about?

If you’ve closed the browser, and there are no traces of the websites you visited in the browser’s history, cookies or temporary files, that’s what we call private browsing. Private browsing is NOT an anonymous service. Private browsing is only about the browser not storing information about where you’ve been. It doesn’t make you hidden to your ISP or for example your boss if you are using the corporate network to job hunt.

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