Ie 8

Web browser war had been intensified with the new emerging web browsers and current developments in existing internet browsers. Internet explorer has been the most used internet web browser and still is because Microsoft released ie8 and ie9 with major changes. Microsoft is a software company and who knows best about internet explorer more than Windows creators? Microsoft beats other competitors because of Windows OS that includes ever developing web explorer. That offers a lot of competition for Mozilla and even Google web browser. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the best web browsers out there. They offer innovative approach to browser the web and build flexible platform for web browser that enhances web browser so that user can modify it according to his need. One can install add-ons, themes, skins and lot more. Now browsers remember history and opened web pages if they crash. They offer user maximum control over browsing and privacy while using internet. Security, privacy and flexibility enabled Mozilla Firefox to become the most favorite web browser among tech junkies. Now every body recommends to use Firefox. Firefox is like a fashion. Google Chrome is like a fashion. Like a new trend. They are serious competitors of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Lets compare the popular web browsers in detail.

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