Information technology is changing rapidly. New software, web tools and online services are popping out at daily basis. Every now and then many computer users have to try something new online, that requires to create ID for that service. If its interesting and useful, users start using it otherwise they leave it but not in all cases all users close accounts for services they don’t use. This leads their old ID information and other data stored on several online places they don’t use anymore. This brings need to create a temporary fake ID information so that you can use it while checking any web tool or service. Allow me to recommend you online resources to create fake identities. Fake identity can include your business or company name, your fake name, fake profession, fake postal address, fake phone number, fake username and password and fake email address. You can even create fake business card if you need. It’s natural to have a bit of anonymity in certain behaviors and there’s nothing wrong with creating your fake Internet persona (as long as you’re not stealing the identity of anyone else).

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