If you bought HTC 7 Mozart smart phone, took few photos and videos using it, connected the phone to PC, and nothing happened, then this guide will help you. You were hoping to see message “turn on USB” on mobile, so that you might be able to transfer photos and videos you just took, into PC. Reconnecting phone to PC again and again did not help. However, a window might appear on PC to install Zune, so you might have installed the Zune that also did not give any clue about how to transfer photos from phone to PC or PC to phone. Zune, however, will offer syncing photos and videos to somewhere. Anyways if you want to transfer the photos and videos from HTC 7 Mozart to PC, just like you use USB, then read on. Here is a tweak that will enable USB capability for HTC 7 Mozart, but it needs PC Windows registry editing. Its for advanced users, so don’t use it, if you are not comfortable with the Windows registry editing. Tweak your Windows registry so that your computer recognizes the HTC 7 Mozart as a removable USB drive. After tweaking, you’ll have access to the Music, Pictures and Videos folders in HTC 7 Mozart.

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