How Do I Make Money

There are several ways to make money online. One is by displaying ads at your website. But there are every kind of people out there. Fair and unfair. I wanna share a strange experience of mine with all of you making money online. Publisheradnetwork claiming to be the ‘Global Ad Network’ is supposed to be an advertising company providing advertisement solution for publishers and advertisers but that is a fake, fake, fake company. This advertising network does not exist. They have a website where they claim that they have payouts average over 50% higher than Google AdSense. Somebody from this company with official email will approach you (in my case [email protected]) and would say to try this network. After more than 30 emails they decided something and agreed to give ads to one of my websites. I then asked about the advertising formats and they showed me two websites ( and which were displaying advertisements from this network but now they are not.

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