Group Policy

I rarely shutdown or restart PC unless its really necessary. I have web apps, web browser tabs and software opened most of the time on PC. Restarting PC and then re-opening all those apps seem to be a drag to me. I am sure many Windows users also experience the same. Windows downloads updates from web automatically and then restarts in order to install those updates. That is good and all but for those who use PC excessively, its irritating because they usually keep web browsers tabs and software opened and if Windows restarts, unsaved data can be lost or even you save data, you have to re-open all the web browser tabs and software that you were working with earlier. The solution is to disable that automatic restart function in order to install Windows updates. Windows asks to save your data and close apps before it restarts and you can even chose to stop it from restarting for few more hours, but still PC gets restarted in few cases somehow. Here is how you can disable restarting PC in the process of Windows updates availability.

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