Ever encountered a problem in which you can’t open Group Policy Editor even using administrator account. When you try the command gpedit.msc or other commands with msc extensions like services.msc, devmgmt.msc, compmgmt.msc etc. simply an error message shows up which says:

Access is denied.

Try opening the editor by double clicking the gpedit.msc inside the system32 folder but you will encounter the same error message.

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I posted a trick for boosting internet speed using GPEdit for XP. Somebody asked me, what about Vista? I found that gpedit.msc (group policy editor) is not present for Vista home and premium edition. It does exist in Vista Pro (Ultimate, Business and Enterprise editions). I proudly told him that Microsoft did not find it funny to bother Vista Home users to mess with Group Policy Editor, so they just eliminated the tool. But I gave him some tips related to how on this mortal world of windows we can desperately try to increase internet speed for Windows Vista by ‘other’ means. He was not convinced. Anyways now the good news is. We can populate, generate or create gpedit.msc thing in Windows Vista Home edition by using some Wizardry.

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