Google Play Store

GApps are required on your Android powered smart phone for a better Android experience. Whenever you need to flash and install a new custom ROM, you need GApps or Google apps for Android that is simply a package of Android programs (including Gmail, Gtalk, Google Voice, Calendar, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Goggles, Google Contacts, Google Sync, Google Backup, Google Search, Google Voice Search, Google Music, Google Docs etc.). If you do not install GApps, you won’t be able to use these programs on your Android phone. GApps will install all the Google-based applications on your Android powered smart phone. These apps can’t be integrated in custom ROM packages because it breaks the licensing restrictions. CyanogenMod doesn’t need the GApps package to work but, you still need it, in order to install apps from Google Play Store, to use Google Maps, Calendar, Google Plus, Google Talk and all the other tools offered by Google mentioned above. Download latest GApps for Android from below.

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