geek wallpaper

Here are very stunning high resolution wallpapers to transform your desktop in even more geek style.

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by on September 3rd, 2009


There are some geeks who are geeks, but there are some who are freakishly geeks. Allow me to show you some of the best photography and art related to the geeks.

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I thought that ladies dislike nerds and geeks, but man-o-man there are geek and nerd ladies out there.

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There are many ways to break down windows password. I have mentioned some method related to earlier SAM files in windows and of course there is a way to use LIVE version of any appropriate operating system to enter in the system.

If you care to purchase some software for that then I can recommend you a very useful software which does exactly that and without any hassle or loss.

If you can’t Login To Windows? Locked Out? Forgot Your Password?
There is just One Step – No Hassle Solution! by Windows Geeks.

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by on January 18th, 2009

If you are a computer professional or geek, then chances are high you do not move your muscles a lot. Eyes are the parts of body you use a lot while sitting infront of your computer screen. The second one might be your Bum but we do not go to that. We have an exercise for your eyes though.

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