Games Pack

knights of valour 2 1

This games pack include two games. If you liked ‘Warriors of Fate Game’, you will love this one as well. Download and play classic games Knights of Valour 2 and Knights of Valour 2 Plus Nine Dragons on PC.

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kof hacks

A guest asked about King of Fighters hack versions. I could not present them separately so its a KOF games pack and the hacks are included. This game pack includes kof 97, kof 98, kof 2000, kof 2001 plus, kof 2002, kof 2003, kof 10th and their hack versions. You will have to check these out yourself.

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by on September 30th, 2010


If you do not know what is Mugan or All in one games engine, first read all about Mugan and its customization guide. That will help you get maximum out of Mugan. In short its an emulator which you can use to play any character from any game. You can create your own character as well. You can add fighting character and stages – even music in it. If you want to get a taste of Mugan then we have compiled some files and added more than 70 characters from several games (different stages included). You can choose any character available to battle with random opponent.

Aquaman, Ken, King Arthur, Bartman, Bass, cns, Cyberbots, Cyclops, Dan, elastigirl, EmmaFrost, Gambit, Gigi, Green Arrow, Guile, Iceman, John Stewart, Juggernaut, luigi, Megaman, Mr increible, Cammy, Gill, Hulk, IronMan, Magneto, MBison, Megaman, Rogue, Sentinel, Spiderman, Storm, Venom, Chunli, Ryu, shuma, Snake eyes, Spiderman, Wonderman and many more included.

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You have played lots of games, right. If you are classic games fan then this one is the most fun to play. You have played Marvel VS Capcom, Cyber Bots, DC, Mega Man, Red earth, Ninja Turtles, Street Fighters, King of Fighters, Spider Man and many many more games right? Well, there is a way that you can mix them all up – choose your stage or background, choose any character, choose any opponent from all the games you have played and create your own fighting game. Its a platform where you can install characters from any game and choose from many stages. Let’s say Ken VS Spiderman, Ryo VS Wonder Man, Aquaman VS Snake Eyes, Juggernaut VS Cammy (Oh! I love Cammy)…Whatever you want. There are many options to choose from. You will need an emulator and you will need to download characters and stages of your choice to start playing. Sumit Gogawat suggested us this one. Thank you Sumit Gogawat.

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7 3D games pack includes 7 really cool 3D games, little games, not much heavy. There are limited levels in these games, still cool and these will not expire. The rights are reserved with their respective authors. After installing the game you will get the link of author. You can choose to buy full game if you want to with all levels or you can still enjoy limited levels within. Amazing graphics and sound effects.


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