Free Licneses

If you are a webmaster or use computer for professional needs that you might already know that what is Backup! Backup is a copy of data, files, documents or pages that can be used in case of data loss, data hijacking, data hacking. If you take regular backups of your data, you feel secure. We are taking about website backups here. Websites get compromised daily. You might have security software installed on your website but backup give you a sense of extra security. We have previously launched giveaway for BackupSF. Here we have again 10 licnese keys (worth: USD $390) for this software. This is not a competition exactly. You only have to comment this giveaway post and share this post where ever you can (Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, Tumblr, with friends etc.) to win a copy for yourself. Results for this give away contest will be announced at 15 February 2013.

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