Firefox Bookmarks Save

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Let me predict something for you about your favorite browser FireFox. If you use Mozilla Firefox and bookmark your favorite pages and websites then atleast once in your life you will wonder about firefox bookmarks location, firefox bookmarks folder or firefox bookmarks file. You will ask yourself a question that where exactly Firefox stores bookmarks backup file or folder. Most probably you will ask yourself after Windows crashes. An important thing to do is to take firefox bookmarks backup from time to time. We are discussing a case when you haven’t taken backup of Firefox bookmarks, your Windows just crashed and now you are wondering that how to get back your FireFox bookmarks! Or the case when you forgot to export Firefox bookmarks before re-installing Windows and but you have kept old installation of Firefox files from ‘Program Files’ and from ‘Application Data’ or atleast one important bookmarks file that matters most for FF3 (places.sqlite).

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