Files Transfer

Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are good email services. You can send attached files anywhere for free. But there are size limitations as well. Now if you need to collaborate with your design agency using full-resolution photoshop compositions Up to 5GB or you want to send your full HD home videos to your family then what to do?

Do you send large files to your friends in emails? How do you manage large file transfer online? There are large file storage services online where you can upload large files and share large files but that take time and consume resources. One way of transfer large files via internet is to email large files and send large files online directly to the recipient at his email address without any trouble.

Sending large files via email has never been easy if you use the following resources to send large files by email. These will transfer large files online easily for you and save you a lot of time. If you need to send large size files via email then there are many free services. I will mention some of these here.

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