Filehoster Search

Rapidshare is a file hosting goldmine if you know how to search it properly. for example: Try using follwoing code. inurl:zip|rar|7zip|tar

Open google site. Put above line in search box, hit enter. You will get results of downloadable files with zip,rar,7zip and tar formats. inurl can be specified for finding files of specific format. e.g.


Now the following query will provide you direct link to download winrar software compressed in zip format. inurl:zip winrar

Rapidshare is one of the world’s biggest and the fastest file web hosts around the world with thousands of files being uploaded and downloaded everyday. But it does not have a search engine of its own, we can search files hosted at rapidshare and other many file hosting services directly using many resources out there as many many search engines are emerging to do this task.

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