Microsoft Internet Explorer usage has dropped from 46% to 37% with time, even when it comes with the most distributed OS package by default. Google Chrome and Firefox have been struggling to capture internet users. See stats. Ever changing Firefox has never stopped updating to meet needs of its loyal users. Firefox is innovative, excellent and future browser that meets needs of users whether they use internet on tablet PC, desktop computer or laptop. It always offers a complete fulfilling internet browsing experience for all. Firefox has been recently updated and you can download 10.0.2 stable version or Firefox Beta version 11.0b3 from here.

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by on October 15th, 2010

download firefox 4Firefox is the best internet browser out there which is secure and customizable loaded with plugins and adons. Firefox developers are struggling to make the browsing experience even better and pleasant for you. Updating any software product will bring the latest technology to your computer which will be more secure with features updates. You can install addons without restarting browser. Firefox 4 comes with HTML5, CSS3 and multi-touch support. If you haven’t used Firefox 4 yet and want to get involved in Firefox 4 community then here it is.

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by on May 12th, 2010

Firefox is more flexible than any browser available and it offers full customization according to your needs whatever the matter be (privacy, browsing, tabs control etc.). Here we will discuss about most useful tips related to firefox.

How to Remove Stored Passwords from Mozilla FireFox

To remove a password you have stored in FireFox do the followings:

erase password remove password techmynd

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