Farmville Tools

by on April 25th, 2010

Again…! I myself do not play Farmville but there are thousands and thousands of people who are playing this game. I have posted some free tools to automate FarmVille before. So here is something more for those FarmVille lazy farmers. Recently I found that Zynga is blocking videos at YouTube containing FarmVille tips and tricks. They are claiming it that its against the TOS and YouTube is removing those videos. Poor Farmville farmers got no help what so ever left. I have searched online and found many many websites and tools full of spam and scam online. People are just writing for traffic at the topic of FarmVille. Anyways! Beware, not all the tools are original and free from spam. Use these tools at your own risk. best practice is to have an updated anti-virus in your PC that will immediately discover and block access to malware or any spyware in that tool. Here is an update on how to accelerate FarmVille a bit more. Use these for fun. The game is fun, right? Avoid any damage to PC though. If you are not interested in tools, then I have got some cool tips for you as well. So here it is.

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