Facebook Security Scan

by on May 25th, 2010

facebook privacy scanner techmynd

Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addresses Facebook users privacy concerns in a column in the Washington Post on Monday. Zuckerberg admits that users find their privacy settings confusing, and promises new, simplified settings “in the coming weeks.” FaceBook privacy has been always in question. By default FaceBook does not restrict every information. It is advised that first you head over to privacy settings and limit what and how you share with anybody at FaceBook, as soon as you create account. Also as many as apps are getting developed and you get invitations, security becomes more important issue. Not every app at FaceBook is transparent and they do not have a check and control over every app because thousands of apps are getting developed daily for FaceBook. Here are two very good tools which can provide you information about what are you sharing with others and what security vulnerabilities your FaceBook account might have. One of these also suggest you about how to fix security issues with your account and how to implement right privacy settings.

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