Facebook Paper

With Facebook launching a news related stand-alone app, it is not only imitating the existing Flipboard news app, but also attempting to create a more ‘mature’ Facebook experience for its users. When referring to the term ‘original users’, the term applies to 90’s kids. The Generation Y, who were the first to explore social networking in its infancy. Facebook has just turned 10, with the majority of its users signing up in 2006-2007, after the University email address only restriction was lifted. In that year alone, Facebook went from 12 million users to 50 million users. Facebook was cool and fresh when it started. Most importantly, it was a whole new way for people to interact with each other. Ten years on and Facebook has survived law suits, privacy issues, and cat pictures and it will continue to outlast passing trends, such as ‘NekNominations’ and Selfies.

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