Facebook Apps

by on April 28th, 2011

Download 20+ hot top free most downloaded android apps right from android market. Got android phone? These apps for android will get your android phone get going and fulfill immediate need to perform necessary tasks after you get your hands on android phone. List include map apps, chat apps, games apps, messenger apps, video apps, facebook apps, flash player apps, radio apps, music apps, downloader apps, privacy apps, horoscope apps, task manager apps, translation apps and more for android.

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by on November 21st, 2010

facebook chat from any messengerThere are many live chat programs and live chat application but each have got different features. With the use of facebook and its chat even the best live chat software were left behind when people started to use facebook because it has got everything for your online social communication needs e.g. chat, photo sharing, video sharing, following friends and much more. Instant messaging is a way of fast communication. If you use facebook then you use facebook chat. There are ways to use facbook chat efficiently. Use facebook chat without going to facebook. Chat with your Facebook friends right from your desktop. Infact facebook chat from browser makes internet browser less responsive and you have to restart browser sometimes when it freezes. After going to facebook some of power users start communicating with friends using facebook chat and they open many notifications, friend requests and profile pages in new tabs. In the process if you are chatting with friends, chat window will appear at every page of facebook that you have opened. That is the main reason your browser gets stuck and eventually freezes. To solve this issue you can use facebook chat using facebook chat clients or third party tools that will enable you to use facebook chat right from your desktop.

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