Extend Trial

extend Microsoft office 2010 trial period

In case you are average user of Microsoft Office 2010 and need more time to get to know Microsoft Office 2010 then this free software can help. Microsoft Office 2010 needs to be activated after 30 days. It can be rearmed 5 times, every rearm gives you additionally 30 days to activate. If you always rearm it on the last day before it has to be activated that makes a total evaluation time of 6 * 30 = 180 days. That means that you can use Microsoft Office 2010 Trial software for 180 days with no problems.

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Microsoft allows anyone to install and use any version of Windows 7 for 30 days without having to enter an activation key. There are no strings attached, and the operating system’s performance is not degraded or defaced during the trial.

There is an easy way you can use Microsoft Windows 7 free for more than the standard trial period. In case you want to Try Windows 7 before you actually buy it you can use it for 120 days and its not illegal because there is a hack present right in Windows 7. You can rearm Windows 7 three times. When the trial expires, use this trick to reactivate Windows 7 to use it more.

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