Email link encoder for webmaster and website developers is an easy to use portable free software which allows you to convert Email Link into HTML, Javascript and Image formats. Even for an average internet user who does not want to get his/her inbox filled with spam, this little utility is a bliss. Spammers use automated bots and crawlers to collect email addresses from different locations or many online websites collect emails and sell these later on to third parties so called as SEO companies who then fill your inbox with garbage and useless stuff. Everybody uses his/her email address anywhere (lets say during signup process or in blogs, forums, chat rooms while posting something) over the internet atleast once in life that appears as cup of tea for spammers. The trick is to hide/mask/transform/shape your Email Address into HTML code, Javascript code or in an image form so that spammers can not collect your email address using automated bots and crawlers from other websites/blog/forums. Email Address appears visually but behind the scenes (code level) it is encoded and encrypted so that crawlers can not detect it as an email address. This is the most powerful utility I came across which is flexible enough to ask user in which way it should encode the link.

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