Search engine optimization just got better with the increasing popularity of a tiny rectangular 2D barcode. Quick Response or QR codes are barcodes that contain information embedded in the form of patterns. When scanned using a smart phone the codes are interpreted and direct you to a URL location on the Internet or provide the user with specific information about a product or service. SEO firms have realized the potential of these codes and adopted them to drive qualitative traffic to websites and convert them into customers.

There is a robust demand for smart phones in the consumer market and sales have risen exponentially. This has given rise to the inclusion of mobile marketing campaigns and mobile SEO strategies to target the expanding mobile consumer base. The synergy of SEO and QR codes could open up a whole world of possibilities for the average marketer. Since the underlying characteristic of SEO is to drive traffic and gain visibility for web content, QR codes can successfully facilitate the process of converting offline traffic into qualitative online traffic.

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