Download Tarzan Game

by on April 10th, 2009

tarzan, tarzan game

Tarzan is an action game developed by Eurocom for the PlayStation. Tarzan game was later ported to the PC. In Tarzan pc game, Tarzan has to save his home which is the jungle, from Clayton who is a hunter for gorillas. Tarzan starts up as a child learning the skills of the apes. Tarzan pc game has three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. In the easy and medium difficulty levels, little Tarzan gets tips from his friend Turk. Tarzan’s enemies are monkeys, baboons, eagles and different animals, including some humans and Clayton. Tarzan pc game was adapted from Disney’s Tarzan. Download ‘The Tarzan’. Tarzan is 3D game with amazing graphics and sound from Disney Interactive Studios. Download tarzan free game for pc.

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