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by on May 10th, 2009


Final Fight is a fighting action game produced by Capcom originally released in 1989 as a coin-operated arcade game. The arcade version was planned by game designer Akira Nishitani (Nin-Nin) and character designer Akira Yasuda (Akiman), who both later worked on Capcom’s landmark head-to-head fighting game Street Fighter II. Many home versions of Final Fight have been produced since its initial release. Final Fight is set in the fictional American city of Metro City “sometime in the 1990s” (1989 in the Japanese arcade version). The story centers around the kidnapping of the newly-elected Mayor’s daughter, Jessica, by the dominant street gang in the city known as Mad Gear, which seeks to bring the Mayor under their control. The Mayor, a former pro wrestler named Mike Haggar, refuses to give in to the gang’s demands and sets out to rescue his daughter with the help of her boyfriend, a martial artist named Cody, and his friend, a modern-day Bushin ninja named Guy. Final Fight is an archetypal side scrolling beat-em-up game. One or two player characters move from left to right through each level (most of which are split into 3 or more scenes), fighting with the enemy characters who appear, until they reach a confrontation with a stronger boss character at the end of the level. Once that boss is beaten, the players automatically move on to the next stage.

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