Sometimes you have to check the software version and OS version you are using. If you are not sure which software version you are running, or even if you have the software installed or not, here’s how to check.

Following guide will let you check following programs and their versions with details.

  • Check Windows
  • Check Most Other Programs
  • Check DirectX
  • Check Exchange Server
  • Check FrontPage Server Extensions
  • Check for ISA Server
  • Check for ISA Server or Proxy Server
  • Check for MSJVM
  • Check for MSDE or SQL Server

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A user pointed me out that he could not start fba emulator to play a game and encountered an error of ‘D3dx9_42.dll Not Found’.

fba.exe does not work, gives error ‘Unable to Locate Component. This application has failed to start because d3dx9_42.dll was not found.

Now it looks like that d3dx9_42.dll is missing, but its not. With a fresh installed OS you are most likely to encounter this error / warning. This problem has got an easy solution.

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All new Windows PCs have DirectX files already installed by default so new installations are rarely needed unless you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP.

But Microsoft frequently releases updated versions of DirectX and installing the latest version may be the fix to a DirectX problem you’re having or may give performance increases in your games and graphics programs.

Checking the DirectX Version in Windows: You can check the version of DirectX and files installed with it. In the Run dialog box, type dxdiag. DirectX Diagnostic tool will be opened. The dialog box displays program information, including the version number.

Follow these easy steps below to update to the latest DirectX in Windows.

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