Following people at Twitter irrelevant to your interest is useless. Twitter can be more fun and useful if you follow people who share your interests and activities. Following directories and websites have Twitter users categorized into groups and types. You can select groups or categories of your choice and meet your dream tweeples. Categories include Personal Growth, Rants Rambles, Social, Books, Business, Babies, Handmade Products, Home and Garden, Home Loans, Internet Marketing, Comedy, Banter, One Liners, Radio, Video, Computers, Programmers, Crafts, Electronics, Entertainment, Fitness, Alternatives, Food, Beverages, Regional, Games, Health, Natural Health, Motivation, Inspiration, Life Coach, Quotes, Music, DJ, Free Legal Downloads, Indie, News, Media Watch, Television, Poetry, Political, Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, Recreation, Romance, Chat, Home Life, Inspiring, Spiritual, Sports, Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Technology, Internet, Location, Relationships, Professions, Jobs and much much more…

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