Delivery Network

I will keep it simple and straight. What is CDN? CDN is content delivery network. You can make your website load 10 times faster using CDN. RackSpace, Amazon, MaxCDN and many other provide CDN. I will go with MaxCDN which I have used. You will have to purchase MaxCDN bandwidth package. That’s just bandwidth of 1000 GB in $34 for one year. Use it in one year or whenever you finish it up all by using it, buy more bandwidth. Space is separate. 10GB space is in $10 per month which can be used to upload your heavy files to and to serve those from CDN. Why CDN? Your blog or website will be slow when serving all the pages, JS files and CSS files and images. If you use CDN and configure your blog to serve files from CDN, they will use a temp subdomain for your website and serve certain files from that domain. This will significantly improve your website speed and raise page rank of your website pages (Google checks website pages speed to determine page ranks – this is one factor in determining PR). You don’t need space at MaxCDN unless you intend to move heavy files there e.g. pdf, rar, zip etc.

Its like purchase MaxCDN, add W3 Total Cache plugin and activate it. Get API, ID and the Temporary URL from MaxCDN and configure W3 Total Cache to use MaxCDN network and done. It looks all pain in the *** but its one timer. Set it and forget it. You blog/website will be amazingly faster than before.

The problem is configuring all these three together to make them work for you. Here is how.

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