Recently I was working with simple XHTML web page in dreamweaver cs3. I had to close and reopen the document while I noticed that Dreamweaver was crashing after opening that particular document. All other pages were opening fine and normal except for that document that was causing to close the dreamweaver after opening it. Here is the dream weaver crash solution. Whenever dreamweaver crashes, check the CSS for problem.

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Adobe Flash Player 9 – Where is the debugger or host Application Running

Adobe Flash Player 9 application has some missing component. Sometimes when a user opens a website, even he has a working installation of Flash Player, he will get this prompt message. I used to visit a website regularly and that website gave me always this prompt. I thought that the website has something to do with it and when I clicked at “Don’t connect”, it always disappeared. Then I got this prompt today at my own website. I had to find some solution. Try these methods which have worked for me:

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