Custom Roms

Recently on my HTC HD2 I installed Android Gingerbread version 2.3.7 (Mod version CyanogenMod-7-10012011-Nightly-Desire TyphooN_v3.6.8-MAGLDR and ADW version 1.3.6 System CM 1.1). Previously I had Ice Cream Sandwich that was creating memory problems on HTC HD2. Gingerbread CyanogenMod TyphooN however runs smoothly. After installation I was pretty satisfied with the performance and system functionality. I installed few apps and used it for few days. It was amazing. Then I installed few themes from the web and then the ADW launcher crashed and stopped responding. A force close loop started on the mobile screen that displayed information that ADW Launcher has stopped, force close ADW Launcher. I tried everything but this pop up was not going anywhere. I restarted the phone, powered off phone again and then powered it on. The crash alert message was still there on mobile screen. I tried to close the ADW lanucher but nothing worked. Finally I figured it out and this is what worked for me.

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