Just accept that your Facebook cover photo is boring. Facebook covers are unique images for the cover of your Facebook timeline. You can select a prominent, boastful and big photo to place as a Facebook cover that appears at the top of page on your Facebook profile. If you can play with Adobe Photoshop, you can mix your favorite photos and create good looking Facebook covers for your Facebook profile but most users can not use Adobe Photoshop that well. So they are bound to select any image from their uploads, or they take an interesting image from other websites and use it as Facebook cover. That single image will be their Facebook cover but it is not personalized and its boring to have a single photo stick to the Facebook profile. Facebook profile cover reserves much space for it so it must be an interesting photo there that may inspire others or speak your mind or interests. One option is that, you can use Instagram photos to create an amazing Facebook cover for your profile page.

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