by on April 13th, 2010

There are two major sites among all, you can trust for your photo, art sharing and storing needs. DeviantArt and Flickr. Both sites are here like forever. DeviantArt is more old. Both have free (and not free) and pretty photos. What is the difference between their services, history and features?

DeviantArt emerged in 2000 but Flickr emerged in 2004. Flickr is a revolution in photo storage, sharing and organization, making photo management an easy, natural and collaborative process. You can get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and more at Flickr. DeviantART was wholly owned by DMusic Network, LLC, and then Lynx Technology Group, LLC. A gentleman by the name of Michael Ovitz (former President of the Walt Disney Company. Founder of the Creative Artists Agency and a Hollywood legend to boot.) was the owner of all three of these companies. DeviantART was nearly shut down before it reached its first birthday but was saved by third co-founder.

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Avira, Avast and AVG are three most popular free antiviruses out there for computer safety. Here is their comparison for virus detection. According to the test Avira is the most responsive antivirus with higher virus detection rate.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

2nd Most downloaded software, 6th Best Detection Rate, Total of 56624k RAM when scanning, Total of 4344k RAM when idle.

Antivir Personal Edition

15th Most downloaded software, 2nd Best Detection Rate, Total of 54780k RAM when scanning, Total of 8004k RAM when idle.

Avast! Home Edition

5th Most downloaded software, 11th best detection rate, Total of 74671k RAM when scanning, Total of 32870k RAM when idle.

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I have just returned from a short holiday. It was quite enjoyable, refreshing and peaceful. I had no Internet access there and I had no plans to post in that period. Its been a short break and TechMynd was not updated for a while. Its good to be back. After getting back, me and my friend bet, which browser is the best. I was Mozilla Firefox candidate and he was on the side of Opera. He had been using Opera for quite a long time and he would never change that. We decided to test our claims. After arranging two PCs for the test, I opened Firefox at mine and he opened Opera at his PC. Plan was to open several websites again and again but at the same time at both PCs, one website at a time and see which browser loads the website faster.

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See why and how Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista or Windows XP. Here is a detailed features list which you can do or can not do in different versions of Windows. Windows 7 has got some improved and some other brand new features included in it.

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Windows 7 comes in many flavors mainly Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate. Many people bought Windows Vista without looking into what they were getting inside until they found idiot outside. Not to mention, inside was the glorious Intel. Vista also appeared in many flavors / versions. So does Windows 7. Know the features each version contains and then buy it. Here is a comparison of what Windows 7 will have in its different versions?

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Want to connect with friends, neighbors and other like minded people in your area? Want to review a local place or business that you would like to share your experience of? Want to find the best places & events in your area? Want to share your favorite places, events and local secrets with your friends? Want to discuss all that’s happening in your area?

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Recently a friend called and asked me the recent price of a iPod Mini and couple of other Apple products. Sitting in front of my Laptop involuntarily I went to a very common place to search for products and was amazed to see the results. I recommended my friend some calculations and he went straight to the iShop and got his gadgets. When he got back to me he was asking that how I recommended him almost the exact figures. I told him the obvious secret. We always shop almost everyday. Whether it be online shopping or you go there by yourself and shop it for you, you need to have a rough estimation of price comparison for your own satisfaction. There are many websites and even individual websites for each product you would want to buy. But why stumble here and there when you have got one genuine, easy solution for that. When I will expose this, you will say that “You already knew it!” But you might not had use that so often.

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