renew ip, Flush DNS

Some times it is necessary to flush DNS to refresh internet services you are using in case of any service interruption. Flush DNS to get a new name resolution. Also flush DNS cache when you can’t access a newly registered domain name. You can simply flush your computer DNS cache anytime to get new entry. We discuss here that how can we flush DNS using MAC, PC or Linux and how to get a new dynamic IP address from IP server in Windows.

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Do you know that what is the command line shortcut to open and close the door of CD-ROM drive?
What is the command line shortcut to turn off the monitor?
What is the command line shortcut to empty recycle bin?
What is the command line shortcut to increase, decrease or mute system volume?
What is the command line shortcut to logoff current user?

NirCMD is the answer to these questions. NirCMD is a small command line utility that allows you to perform useful tasks from the command line. The installation of NirCMD is simple. Download the zip file from the location given below and extract to a folder. Run NirCMD.exe and select Copy to Windows Directory. By selecting this option, you don’t have to give full path of nirCMD in the command line. Let’s take a look at the usage of this small utility. Once it’s copied to Windows directory, go to cmd and issue the following command:

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