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I love many things and many countries. China is one of them. I love China. Although my nick name is Japanese. Anyways, here is something from lovely China. A giveaway of Chinese traditional game. Chinese Chess (xiangqi), is an ancient game of intelligence. You can play against computer or a friend. Chinese Chess Soul is an excellent and popular Chinese Chess Game software. Beginner or expert, you will have fun and excitement playing it. You can enjoy beating computer and improving your chess expertise level. Computer adjusts its difficulty level to meet your playing level and records your scores. The variations in the pieces, their movements, and the board layout make Chinese Chess Soul an exciting and challenging game to play. Play Chinese Chess Soul and lead your army filled with Mandarins, Elephants, Horses, Chariots, Cannons, and Soldiers, fight, attack, and checkmate.

We have 20 license keys for this game. Although I myself do not know the rules to play this game, it looks exciting. Comment this post and win full Chinese Chess Soul game for free with license key. 20 Lucky guests will be selected at 30 August 2012.

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