Buy Sell Ad

Every system in this world has few faults. There is not a single thing which stands in the category of perfect. No system is perfect. Neither BuySellAds. If you are advertiser or publisher and are using BuySellAds, you might have encountered this problem. Recently an advertiser paid at BuySellAds to display his ad at TechMynd. I got a notification email. Upon checking, I saw that site was not reflecting changes in ads and BuySellAd new approved ad was not displaying. I logged into my BuySellAds account and saw that the ad was approved, live – but stats were zero and the ad was not appearing at TechMynd. For the time being I placed that ad manually at TechMynd for advertiser’s convenience and refreshed all content of site, removed cache and checked the site in many browsers but the ad was not appearing. I wondered. I sent an email to BuySellAds support and got the following feedback.

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