windows phone 7 ads

There are moments when others look at you and exclaim: “Really?” Well, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 gonna save you from those odd moments so you can efficiently do whatever you do at your phone and get going with more important stuff in your life. We saw Bing commercials and ads previously. Few were quite funny. Now here are Windows Phone 7 official commercials with theme named ‘Really’. Microsoft will prove that to you that your life is more important then your cell phone.

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You can easily search wallpapers at Google, Yahoo or Bing search and get loads of results right away. But results you get contain every size of wallpapers which makes you spend more time in searching over internet for the right size of wallpaper for your computer desktop or mobile phone. If you download wallpaper of larger size than your mobile screen or desktop resolution then you will have to crop it to fit it at the screen which is also a time waste.

Here is a tip to find exact size of wallpapers for your computer desktop background or your mobile phone without wasting time in searching too much.

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