Better Torrent

Downloading torrent file using uTorrent or any other torrent downloader has been fastest way to download movies, songs, books and more until now. uTorrent is fastest torrent client, yet it was giving me hard time in downloading some stuff recently. uTorrent was taking days to finish downloading these 2.23GB and 2.5GB files. I don’t know the reason but it is being said that torrents are under heavy traffic load after file sharing websites (e.g. megaupload) started receiving DMCA. Go check it out yourself. It doesn’t matter that the torrent file is healthy and have plenty of seeders, it will be downloaded very slow. To solve this slow download problem, here is a way to download torrent files faster by using your ‘download accelerator’ or ‘download manager’. Speed up the download process far better then the torrent downloader and download torrent file in your download manager. Its like the online torrent application.

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