Backup Database

Does your website goes down sometimes? Did you notice your website database corrupted? Have you noticed SQL injection attacks on your website? Have you seen your website defaced by any hacker where all your website reflects, a message that ‘you are hacked’, or ‘patch your site admin’ etc. Its a routine matter, seen by many webmasters. I can tell you, I have experienced it all and still see this often. Sometimes website front page is replaced by hacker. Sometimes database gets corrupted. Sometimes website goes down. Sometimes whole root directory disappears. Hosting provider can suspend your hosting account because of any hacker who gained access to your hosting account to spread malware. Its horrible.

Doesn’t matter how much security you may apply, somehow there may be still chances that your website will be hacked, defaced or your mySQL database will be corrupted. In that case if you request web hosting backups, they fail to guarantee the latest full backup. Sometimes backup will be incomplete. Sometimes backup will be outdated.

So here comes the need for a regular, automated full website FTP and mySQL database backup. How do you take website and mySQL backups? Manually? Forget it. We recommend BackupSF software that can take automated full website FTP and database backups for you. Good news is, we are giving away 10 license keys for BackupSF. Subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter and comment this post to enter in this giveaway contest. Ten lucky winners will be announced after 25 September 2012.

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