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Get the Kaspersky ultimate protection with Ferrari Simulator game. Both Kaspersky Lab and Scuderia Ferrari cherish technical excellence, high performance and safety are excited to bring you Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition. It has everything you need to enjoy the ride and stay safe at all times while surfing the web – whether you work, bank, shop or play online. The package comes with the Ferrari Virtual Academy video simulator for your PC, which puts you in the driver’s seat of an ultra-realistic virtual Ferrari F10 and lets you push the racing car to its limits around Scuderia Ferrari’s famous Fiorano test track as often as you like.

I specially like the statement that they have put with this package as below:

“Enjoy the thrills and spills of race simulation, knowing you’re in safe hands!”
Eugene Kaspersky

While playing a racing game at PC is secure way to enjoy your passion rather then actual racing using a Ferrari. Actual racing can cost your life or your car while its safer to enjoy racing game at your PC in a virtual world. And you get the Kaspersky protection for your PC with this package. You are safe.

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Agnitum outpost internet security is a multiple award winning internet security and free anti virus for PC that features free virus curing, free anti-virus updates, free personal firewall, free spam protection, lightweight internet security suite, free cloud-based services (ImproveNet), automated OS defence and more. Agnitum is the first security vendor to deliver a fully functional free version of an Internet security suite for Windows users. Outpost Security Suite FREE builds on the acclaimed antivirus, firewall and proactive protection technologies. The free solution employs modern techniques to prevent infections, data corruption and PC intrusions. Download your free internet security today.

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We like to give free anti virus software at TechMynd to our valuable readers. This is not a giveaway from TechMynd. Its Giveaway from Comodo and its for everyone. So whoever left behind in receiving giveaways from TechMynd can grab this opportunity and download and use Full Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 version for one whole year. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 guarantees protection against viruses and malware by focusing on prevention and not only detection. Comodo patent pending prevention based technology creates an impenetrable shield that identifies safe, unsafe and questionable files. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 offers real-time protection against Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and other Malware threats. Other Antivirus products depend on signature updates alone but Auto Sandbox Technology means you’re protected from even unknown threats.

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