Anti Virus Software

You know, well not always, you can afford to buy the best anti-virus out there to protect your PC. And not always the same anti-virus or anti-malware will stay in your PC. Consider a case when you do not have internet access to download free home edition of anti-virus but you have your USB drive with you and you want to scan a computer for infection and remove it using USB right away. Or lets say you do not want to install a heavy anti-virus software but you want to scan your PC at regular basis without installing any software. Here are some best portable tools which will remove Viruses, Malwares, Trojans and other number of infections from your PC without installing a thing in your PC. Portable antivirus will make complete virus scan possible using portable antivirus software.

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internet-security-3System Shield provides everything you need to completely protect your PC. System Shield comes with a number of tools as following:

iolo AntiVirus Which detects, blocks, and removes viruses, rootkits, worms, trojans, and other dangerous programs with always-on protection.

iolo Personal Firewall blocks unwanted communication to and from your PC, keeping your private information safe from hackers and identity thieves.

Spython™ AntiSpyware removes spyware parasites to protect your privacy and prevent system crashes and slow-downs.

Security Optimizer repairs dangerous security vulnerabilities that would otherwise leave your system open to attacks by intruders and data thieves.

SystemGuard locks down your system configuration to prevent unauthorized changes by spyware, viruses, malicious Web sites, and remote attackers.

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A worm that spreads through low security networks, memory sticks, and PCs without the latest security updates is posing a growing threat to users. The malicious program, known as Conficker, Downadup, or Kido was first discovered in October 2008. Users should have up-to-date anti-virus software.

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