Anti Virus Protection

AVG internet security full registered free downloadTechMynd became AVG authorized reseller recently and to celebrate that, we have another AVG Internet Security Giveaway for you. One year license of AVG Internet Security worth $54.99 for one lucky guest. Result will be at Sunday 22, 2010. We will select a random subscriber guest who comment at this post. We have given away many giveaways. Guests have shown lot of interest in that so we have arranged a registered software to giveaway every week. This week another great GiveAway is coming besides AVG Internet Security. So stay tuned and subscribe with TechMynd to receive its updates via email and comment this post to receive this and many many many other great GiveAways.

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ahsan computer virusIf your my computer icon has changed to “Ahsan’s Computer” and recycle bin icon to G.W.Bush. That’s the Ahsan’s Computer Virus. All executable files fail to run. It continually checks floppies / floppy disk, You can not install antivirus, Current antivirus gets corrupted and if you type antivirus in internet explorer, it gets closed. You can’t do anything, it irritates you in every 5 seconds. If you will reinstall the operating system and when you will open your hard disk drives, you will get infected again.

No antivirus runs for it, no new installation works. Everything turns to Ahsan’s name and you can not do anything. Computer programs just become a mess. Ahsan’s Computer Virus disables registry editor and disables the Run command. The virus creates a file named “HOMEVIDEO.AVI.EXE” and “CSRSS.EXE” on all the available drives. CSRSS.EXE is basically a worm called AHLEM.A. There has been funny names in the background of this problem as well e.g. ahsan manan khan butta virus, ASHAN & KABIRWALA VIRUS along with ahsan virus or Ahsan Computer Worm etc. Lets get rid of this Ahsan’s Computer Virus.

How to get rid of Ahsan’s Computer Virus

There are many solutions out there. You will have to delete registry keys associated with the name ahsan, delete some hidden files from every hard disk drive of your PC, delete running processes related to Ahsan from task manager being in safe mode. You can do it manually or you can just download some software to do that, which I am going to recommend.

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