by on August 20th, 2010

Alright, all the gamers, please read this. We have been posting many of your favorite games here at TechMynd. We have something to share regarding games at TechMynd. We have learned that guests still encounter some problems related to games at TechMynd. We will answer few most asked questions and confusions related to games at TechMynd. Basically we follow some rules and pattern when it comes to games.

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TechMynd has decided to give away at least one valuable software per week to its users. We have already given away a number of software. We purchase licenses and give free to our users. All guests, please read the following regarding the procedure and requirement of GiveAway contests.

Purpose of GiveAways

We are against pirated software and illegal use of software so we want to stop it. GiveAways stop piracy by making legal registered software available to users. We want to help users who visit us and become our guests. Everybody wants to treat their guests right. So being an online community we treat our guests by giving them a chance to get registered software for free. This helps us get more and more reviews and thoughts about software as when users use these software they tell us their experiences.

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