Google celebrates 107th anniversary of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in slumberland. Little Nemo is the fictional character in a series of weekly comic strips by Winsor McCay that appeared in the New York Herald and William Randolph Hearst’s New York American newspapers from 1905 – 1914. The strip was first called Little Nemo in Slumberland and then In the Land of Wonderful Dreams. Little Nemo in Slumberland revolved around the nightly dreams of a little boy named Nemo (meaning “nobody” in Latin).

Today’s Doodle from Google is an animated version of little Nemo in slumberland. After Google main page loads, an animated icon appears. If you click that icon, little Nemo story begins where he falls down from bed into a hole. Story is in strips and you have to click certain point at stage after one strip finishes. Really enjoyed it. Below is the whole screenshot of complete story. In the end Nemo falls down from the bed to floor.

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