Want to watch Netflix, Hulu and many more restricted TV channels outside US? UnoDNS is all you need to unblock the whole entertainment world anywhere. There are no bandwidth or speed limits. Unotelly is an intelligent DNS service that changes your current IP address and lets you stream Online TV to your home, on any device and with high streaming speed, bypassing the geo-restrictions. It’s an online TV service that bypass geographic limitation.

Supported devices are PC, Mac, linux, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, iPhone, iPad, iPod, androids, playbook, WD TV Live, Roku, Boxee box, OpenElec, XBMC, Apple TV, Google TV, LG smart TV, Sony TV and players, Panasonic VIERA, Samsung TV, players, all rooters including DD-WRT and many more.

We have 5 free 3 months Gold subscriptions of UnoTelly to giveaway. Comment this post below to get this offer. 5 lucky winners will be announced at 20, September 2012.

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classic amazon 500x335

This is Amazon old website and books catalog in above photo. Now Amazon is one of the top online stores for anything and everything you could desire to shop online. Lets view our favorite websites at their initial stages.

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google wallet gcard 500x268 Google Wallet and Google Offers Launch   Video

Google reveals its latest commerce innovation including Google Wallet and Google Offers. We are going to enter in the new era of shopping experience where you do not need to carry your wallet anymore. Use your smart phone for shopping. Google Wallet and Google Offers are all about mobile commerce. You can load your credit/debit cards in mobile phone and order stuff online. This is an invitation to merchants and echo system partners e.g. payment networks, carriers, banks to join Google to create the next best shopping experience. Google offered mobile and local commerce which combines offers and payments at the point of sale. This makes it easy for partners and third parties to create great consumer experience. Your mobile phone will be your wallet. Just tap, pay and save.

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Forget about credit cards, cash or ID. Your smartphone is going to be your wallet very soon. Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and few others are working on the ‘NFC (near field communication) mobile payment technology’ to change the future of payment systems. NFC allows wireless transfer of data over short distances between two devices. This makes it an ideal technology for financial transactions between a phone and/or a device at any store. NFC is still in development phase in the U.S. But in Japan you can pay for almost anything by simply swiping your phone. No need for credit cards, cash or even ID. This year NFC might take off in the U.S., and many companies are working on their own NFC payment solutions.

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by on September 15th, 2010

kindle 3

Kindle 3 is a gift for readers. Its got everything you can imagine to facilitate reading. You can even read in bright sunlight using Kindle and if you don’t want to read, use text to speech facility available in Kindle. Amazon Kindle 3 rocks. Use Kindle without recharging for a month and read books (Battery life long enough for space shuttle missions). Its smaller, lighter, faster with 3G wireless. Some say that Kindle is better than the Apple iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook and the various Sony readers. Kindle is portable replacement for physical books. Kindle is best dedicated ebook reader you can buy.

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by on June 7th, 2010

kindle for pc

Read more than 540,000 kindle books on your computer. No kindle required.

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