Adsense Alternatives

Its easy to get banned from using Google Adsense. Many publishers rely completely on Google Adsense to earn online. That is the first worst mistake they make. Its almost impossible to be compliant with all the AdSense and webmaster quality guidelines suggested by Google. Its just a matter of time when any webmaster will get banned from using AdSense and will find himself in pearl. Many publishers are full time earning money online from websites and they think that Google AdSense is the best monetizing solution for websites. This is not true. Unless you will prepare yourself for that time when you get banned from AdSense, you will repent the day when you started publishing online. Many publishers drop their interest altogether in this field and loose hopes. For few publishers this is the best that could happen to a publisher. AdSense ban is not the end. Infact its a start. You can earn more than AdSense if you know the right advertising networks.

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