Access Denied

Some files and folders can only be accessed in Windows when you are logged in as an administrator. Sometimes a file you just edited, saved and closed using some software won’t reopen or will not be deleted if you are done working with it. In this case there is an easy solution to re-edit that file. Similarly if you need to edit hosts file located at c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts to block or unblock websites you need administrator level privileges to edit this file.

Sometimes as an administrator when you try to open some protected file, it says “access denied”. This is confusing because you are logged in as the administrator and if you don’t have access to all files of your system, who else will? The fix is simple.

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Ever encountered a problem in which you can’t open Group Policy Editor even using administrator account. When you try the command gpedit.msc or other commands with msc extensions like services.msc, devmgmt.msc, compmgmt.msc etc. simply an error message shows up which says:

Access is denied.

Try opening the editor by double clicking the gpedit.msc inside the system32 folder but you will encounter the same error message.

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