by on December 17th, 2010

Well! Here we had silence at TechMynd for quite a while and now our guests had been yelling at us that why we are not updating the website so here we are. Sorry about that BTW. Everything faces tough time in its life span or journey once in a while. But anyways, Christmas is about to come. Winter season has begun. There will be new year’s eve. 2010 is ending and 2011 is coming with new hopes and new challenges for everybody.

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500 happy guests from techmynd

TechMynd was originally supposed to be TechMind but you know, all wishes can’t come true. So it became TechMynd and will be TechMynd. It started as a log of my computer activities and interests. As time passed by, it grew and I added some of my favorite free software in it and then games came along. I liked to play with the computer (software/ hardware) settings to make it work my way, so I added my favorite computer tips in it. Then TechMynd attracted some guests who gave us company and came with us. Our guests have been asking stuff from us. Games, computer tips, software, computer solution etc.

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