White hat SEO is ethical in nature. That is what a webmaster or publisher does to his web property and content to promote it using recommended practices by search engines. In this age of competition, no one wants to get left behind. There are thousands of webmasters even giants who practice the proverb “Fake it until you make it”. Yes, some achieve greatness, some fake it until they make it. How do you think about getting thousands or tweets, Facebook likes, stumble upon thumbs up, GooglePlus pluses? Tweets are for sell. Diggs are for sale. So why not Google Plus +1s for sale? Google Plus is a new social media service started by Google which is said to compete the Facebook. We believed that the serious social media freaks would leave Facebook and turn to the Google Plus. But SEOs and spammers are already there. If you are a celebrity with cash in hand, then you can earn more fame by spending this money to people who will fake your success and popularity. Fake tweets and thumbs ups are unethical. Social media services were for real people to connect with each other but spammers and SEOs are promoting content on these services. There are businesses and start ups that sell social media love or juice.

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